Feelng your best means treatments tailored to you.
Its all about understanding, before doing anything, our expert Doctors will sit with you, look at the problem area through your eyes and discuss the best solution. Which means your treatment  will be tailored to you, subtly enhancing and refreshing your natural features. Its an approach which is undeniably simple, yet effective.  

Our approach

We know how important getting the natural look you want is, to feeling good about yourself
we also know how easy it is to get it wrong. That's why we focus on you before, during and after your treatment. we believe the secret is understanding how you feel about the way you look and the overall results you want, rather than looking at individual lines or features.



The best treatment for the forehead area, frown lines and crows feet near the eyes, there is one very simple reason for the international runway success of Botox; it works so well!

Our Clinicians are particularly skilled at giving subtle but effective looks, so if you have been told that  your looking 'tired' or 'worried' when you not, Botox may just boost your skins needs and soon people will be telling you how 'Fresh' you look.

Prices start from £180 per Treatment

Prices from £38.82 per month.

Dermal Fillers 

Regain your skins lost volume -instantly-  Used primarily in the lower half of the face in areas such as nose to mouth lines, dermal filler is a naturally occurring gel that is injected beneath the surface of the wrinkle to plump it out, restoring a smoother and more youthful surface.

Dermal Fillers are also great for subtly enhancing the lips, whether your seeing the signs of aging in your lips or you have always dream't of a fuller smile.

Prices start from £199 per Treatment

Prices from £25.36 per month, 

VivaLift - Non-Surgical Face Rejuvenation 

The VivaLift utilises a new approach to placing and injecting the next generation of injectable volumisers and fillers to lift and rejuvenate while maintain a natural look which can last up to 2 years.

Its all about restoring your natural 'V' shape in a natural way.

The 'V' shape defines a more youthful face with a define chin area. As we age, gravity and sun exposure combine to make the skin looser, so a sharp youthful 'V' can become a more relaxed 'U' shape. This is the main reason why people consider surgery, but its not necessary to incur the expense, risk and extensive recovery. The VivaLift is a non-surgical alternative.   


ThermaVein offers the instant, safe and permanent removal of facial veins, such as thread veins and spider naevi Medically referred to as 'telangiectasia.' 

The ThermaVein advanced treatment system which works on a principle known as coagulation, specific micro-waves  are delivered through a very fine needle (the width of a human hair) to heat the problem veins and cause them to be destroyed.

ThermaVein facial thread vein & spider vein treatment £299

ThermaVein Follow up appointment also available.  

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty 

Many Men and women are deeply unhappy with the profile of their noses, very often it is the shape of the nose rather than its size which is the problem. Noses really do come in all shapes and sizes, some have a distinct bump, hump or hook shape which their owner dislike, for others, the nose can be narrow or wide.

There is a non-surgical alternative, our Doctors are very skilled and are able to use advanced dermal fillers to gently but effectively reshape the nose. This route offers a number of very distinct advantages to surgery; * Significantly faster recovery * Immediately visible results * Gentler approach * No need to 'break' the nose * Costs a fraction of the price of surgery * The result can be 'adjusted' with additional filler. 

The nose reshaping procedure is a very popular choice for those who want to improve the shape of their nose, it is surprising just how much it can impact on the balance of your face.

Prices from £495 

Hyperhidrosis (Excess Sweating)

Botox the final answer for excess sweating?

Who would have thought it? the most well known and popular non-surgical anti ageing beauty treatment for the last 15 years can stop all those embarrassing wet patches under your arms! Thankfully Botox is now considered somewhat of a miracle cure for some, and it my just be the answer you are looking for.

How does it work? Well it just so happens that the nerves that supply your sweat glands are similar to the ones that supply the muscles that cause wrinkles, Botox is injected into each gland to stop its activity for up to 6-12 months , most people have quite a few glands, so expect 10 to 30 shallow injections, thankfully your armpits are not a very sensitive area and the injections are as small as they come so any discomfort is very minimal.   

Prices for Hyperhidrosis Treatment is £425

Eyelash Enhancement 

There is no doubt  that eyelashes are a pretty and appealing feature. Good eyelashes frame the face and define the eye area. For many of us this can only be achieved with false eyelashes, extensions and plenty of mascara to boost the lashes. 

At last there is a way to make your own natural eyelashes thicker & longer 

A once daily home application of our special eyelash growth formula makes your own lashes grow thinker and longer, results are noticeable just 7 days after first use and build up to their full impact after 3 months.  

Eyelash Growth Serum is just £195


why not pay monthly with our Direct Debit packages. The Direct Debit prices are cheaper than the pay-as-you-go prices and mean that you won’t ever have to find a lump sum to pay for your treatments again.

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